Summer Black Dress Transformed to Beautiful Fall Outfit

Published September 21, 2013 by La'She' World (passionforfashion)

Summer has ended and but you still want to wear that sexy black summer dress. No need to fear you can turn that sexy dress to a beautiful fall outfit. One way you can do it is adding a fall color blazer. Fall Outfit One

One color I suggest is a tangerine orange color. Its a perfect fall color going along with the leaves and the Halloween season. During the day a beautiful pair of tangerine orange stilettos and at night a nice pair of flats would go well.

Another way to go is a lovely rose red button up sweater. You can either go with a black or red pair of stilettos to top the dress off. If you want to be bold I would go with the red. If you like it classy, then you should go with the black. Either way this outfit is  perfect for the fall.

Fall Outfit 2

My last idea for your sexy black dress is to top it off with a cute jacket. It gets chilly in the fall so why not top you dress off with a cute jacket and ankle or knee high boots. I went with white since you will have a lot of black and white parties going on.

Fall Outfit 3

I hope I help give you a few ideas to how to turn that sexy summer dress into a beautiful fall outfit. Stay tuned and I will have more of the fall issue.


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